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Sports & Safety Eyewear

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Protecting your vision

Keeping your eyes safe at work is a high priority, especially if you work in an environment where the risk of injury may be higher such as in a factory or on a farm.


We are qualified to prescribe lenses and accompanying frames for safety eyewear, from well-trusted manufacturers like Bolle and Uvex. 


Ask your employer about any personal protective equipment you are entitled to. You are also welcome to come in and inquire about work safety eyewear at any time, perfect if you are self-employed or have any questions about how you can ensure your eyes are protected at work.

Prescription sports eyewear

Don’t let wearing glasses or contact lenses stop you from enjoying your favourite sports or activities.


We provide a range of prescription sports eyewear, from swimming to snowboarding goggles to specially designed sunglasses and glasses that help you stay on top of your game.


With the Lake District on our doorstep and beautiful countryside all around, we know how important it is to have eyewear that keeps up with your busy lifestyle. We supply eyewear from brands such as Nike and Sunwise that are crafted for their durability and performance.

Prescription Sports Eyewear
Designer Eyewear

Designer Eyewear

Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
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