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Eye Examinations in Cumbria

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Trusted for generations

We provide both private and free NHS eye tests for everyone in the family.

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses or not, we'd always recommend that you have a regular eye test at least once every two years.

Our eye tests let us spot any potential eye conditions and maintain your healthy vision.

Experienced and efficient staff

NHS and private patients welcome

Children’s eye examinations available

Personalised advice tailored to every patient

Contact lens assessments

Quality, affordable eyewear and products

Experts in our field

At Heals Opticians, your 30-minute eye exam will be with one of our fully qualified and experienced Optometrists.

​This additional time we spend with you means we can get a better understanding of your needs and, in turn, provide better advice and product recommendations.

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Enhanced eye examinations with OCT technology

At Heals Opticians we treat the health of your eyes as our utmost priority. We are pleased to offer our patients the choice of an Optical Coherence Tomography scan as part of an enhanced eye examination. 

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scans can be used to monitor the progress of signs of ageing or wear and tear in your eye. It takes a 3D scan of your eye, including your retina – the thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye – and your optic nerve.

OCT scan image

What happens during an OCT scan?

The scan will only take a few minutes.


You will be asked to sit in front of the camera and rest your chin forward. You will need to focus on a light for a few seconds and a bright light will follow. The machine will not touch your eye and it doesn't hurt. 

Your optometrist will go through the results with you afterwards. 

Proactive, ongoing eyecare

We recommend a baseline OCT scan for all our adult patients, for use as a record of what is normal for you.


Depending on whether you have a family history of certain eye conditions, or if we spot any changes, we will then advise how frequently future scans should be undertaken.


More information can be found here: The OCT scan - Look After Your Eyes.

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OCT scan images shared with consent. 


Quality Eyewear

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Contact Lenses

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